Static Guarding


The presence of one or more static guards on site 24/7 has proven to be an extremely effective method of securing sites and business premises. Even though CCTV is present in the majority of locations your business’s security is still dependent on the physical presence of a guard to act quickly on any information gathered through CCTV cameras. It is also a well-known fact that the presence of a uniformed static guard will probably deter any would be thief/s or vandal where CCTV cameras may not.

Static Guards are the first point of contact your visitors/clients meet consequently front of house impressions are always important. We make sure all guards are courteous, friendly and approachable in meeting and greeting all visitors. The services include:

• Registering visitors on and off sites
• Issuing temporary / permanent passes or badges
• Personnel bag and vehicles searches, if necessary
• Observation and, if appropriate, interrogation of visitors to ensure your security.



A static security guard can also provide a visual deterrent to casual theft and vandalism whether it is external or internal. Our static security guards can be instructed to help your business with non-security related problems and routine tasks.